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Growing up Shell was either creating pretty things from paper and tissues for her dolls, designing clothes, moving her Mum’s ornaments around on the side board, or organising a party!!


At first Shell started Hanging Pretty, as she saw a niche in the market for handmade custom designed nursery décor to suit everyone’s unique style, after not being able to find what she had envisioned when setting up the nursery for her second child.


Shell made her own canvas wall hangings, just like her Mum had done for her when she was born. She then created a mobile using a dream catcher and adding in beads and fabric to match the wall art. It amuses her little bub during change times, is silent and moves about on its own.


A few years later her Mum encouraged her to just have a go creating a few mobiles and see what came of it all, so Hanging Pretty started.

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