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Handmade from a fabic like paper, our cake flower stix, are a one-sided flower with a neat backing, which makes them pretty from any angle and a hand painted gold centre on one side; we use a food safe gold to give this sparkerly touch. Each flower has a gold hand-painted centre and is secured to the plastic food grade lolly pop stick.


Each kit contains: 

3 Cake Flower Stick in your choice of colours consisting of:

  • 1x 15cm pop stix  
  • 2x 10cm pop stix

(we choose which coloured flower is on which stix length)


Cake Flower Sticks - Poppy (3 Pack)

  • Cake Flower Stix are not a toy
    Cake Flower Stix must be kept away from any open flame

    Cake Flower Stix are pantry and fridge safe

    Cake Flower Stix can be removed after use and the stems wiped clean, you can then trim the stems and rescure them in a shadow box frame to keep as a momento of your party, we recogmend you store these out of direct sunlight to keep them bright and pretty.

    Cake Flower Stix are designed to be forever lasting flowers with care and correct useage instructions followed 


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